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Are you experiencing difficult back pain in Cleveland, OH? Suffered from a personal injury? Welcome to Dr. Carmen J. Centanni, chiropractic physician located in Beachwood, OH and serving the Greater Cleveland area. He is a physician with a gentle touch! Call us today at 216-595-3560.

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After 40 years of helping patients throughout the Greater Cleveland, OH area with their back pain, chiropractor Carmen Centanni can determine the time of the year by the injuries he treats; raking leaves in the fall, shoveling snow in the winter, planting flowers in spring and golf or softball in the summer. All of these produce twisting injuries to the lower back and all of them can be easily corrected with chiropractic care.

Dr. Carmen J. Centanni, located in Beachwood, Ohio, utilizes gentle chiropractic manipulation done by hand, no gadgets or gimmicks, to align the spine and give the body the opportunity to heal itself. As a member of the Northeast Ohio Academy of Chiropractic, he practices natural health through chiropractic services to help alleviate back pain.

Dr. Centanni says anyone walking on two feet is susceptible to back problems and can be helped by chiropractic care. Today's stressful conditions of the economy and almost constant computer use can cause pain and tightness in the neck and shoulder region. "The sooner the patients seek help, the sooner they will get well" he says.

"Natural health through Chiropractic" he says is what more and more people are looking for to treat the patient as a whole person and not just a symptom.

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